Social Investigation


The social investigation is performed by an impartial mental health professional, according to F.S. 61.20, who is qualified to provide the court, the parties, and the parties’ attorneys with a thorough report addressing the best interests of the children.

A Social Investigation includes but is not limited to the following

  • Interviews with each child, parent, step-parent, or adult in a parenting role
  • Visits to the homes of each parent
  • Observations of each child with each adult in parenting role
  • Screening for domestic violence and abuse; all allegations are investigated
  • Contact with others living in each home
  • Contact with relevant professionals, such as teachers, doctors and employers
  • Interviews with objective character references submitted by each parent
  • Background checks of relevant police and court records
  • Findings of related cases, when identified
  • Completion of relevant surveys and questionnaires as requested by the social investigator
  • Presentation of facts to the court, addressing all the pertinent details relevant to a child’s best interest, and addressing parental responsibility and time-sharing arrangements as requested.
  • May include recommendations to the court.

Please contact the office for further information and details regarding the cost of these services.

Florida Statute 61.20 – Social Investigation