Allyson Tomchin, LCSW

Founder of Directive Energy and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

Throughout her dynamic career, Allyson Tomchin has touched many lives and organizations with her uncanny ability to identify and isolate areas of issue that have complicated growth and success. With her sound technical background, Allyson brings a sense of urgency and clarity through her Solution Focus Approach by systematically dissecting complex matters and addressing solutions, not problems.

Allyson has honed her skills in complex arenas including clinical substance abuse, families and children, government, not-for-profit, law enforcement, academia, family judicial system  and corporate training and education. She has been recognized for her outstanding work through the collaborations of the public & private sectors to benefit children. Truly an accomplished professional, her contributions to the public sector have been vast. She’s worked with individuals and families in the substance abuse throug Broward County Alcohol and Drug Abuse and has been instrumental in facilitating involuntary assistance through The Marchman Act for substance abusers through the Broward County Courts.

As a believer in public education, Allyson is the founder of Cool School, a not-for-profit gang prevention program in Miami-Dade County, in coordination with Barry University and The Miami Beach Police Department. Allyson also coordinated medical, legal, case management, therapeutic & educational services for over 900 families at Fienberg Fisher Elementary School on Miami Beach. Allyson is also an active member in her professional associations, providing clinical supervision for both Bachelors & Masters level Social Work Interns from Florida International University, Florida State University, Barry University, University of Miami and the US Department of Education. 

Allyson Tomchin LCSW
allyson tomchin lcsw

experience in Family Mediation & Collaborative Family Law

th over 15 years of experience, she currently runs a successful private practice in Hollywood, FL. Allyson counsels thousands of individuals in reaching their goals and achieving their highest potential. Her main focus through counseling is strength based and Solution Focused. As a mediator and a therapist, she assists parents who are entrenched in the difficulties of co-parenting before or after divorce. She facilitates, creates and implements Parenting Plans and helps clients remain child focused by reducing conflict, making decisions and reaching agreements that are in the best interest of their children.

In Family Mediation, Allyson co-mediates with her husband, Rand Lieber, who is a Family Law Attorney. They bring the best of both worlds to mediation with Allyson focusing on children’s issues, while Rand works on legal and financial issues. They work with couples to create a Marital Settlement Agreement and a Parenting Plan that is fair and equitable.  Both Allyson and Rand believe that the clients are better served when they make joint decisions as opposed to having the courts determine their future. They wholly believe in respecting a client’s Right to Self Determination.

Allyson recently become involved in Collaborative Family Law where she serves as a Neutral Facilitator assisting families through the divorce process though an interdisciplinary team approach. She’s a past trainer and facilitator with the Mediation Training Group.  She worked to educate attorneys and mental health professionals on how to become Family Mediators and Parenting Coordinators. Continuing to educate is of utmost importance to Allyson. She is an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at FAU, Florida Atlantic University.

Setting Industry Trends

Allyson is a past contributor on a bi monthly basis for South Florida Parenting Magazine and a past co-host of 3 Loud Women. She has  been a contributor to the Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, Star Magazine and NBC Channel 6. Allyson has been honored as one of Broward County’s 100 Most Outstanding Women and was nominated as the City of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year. Over the years, she has spoken to dozens of groups on women’s issues, divorce issues and parenting issues.

Allyson is active in her community.  She is a member and past board member of NAWBO, The National Association of Women’s Business Owner’s and she is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Professionals of South Florida.

Allyson is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of South Florida and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Barry University

Her strength lies in developing relationships with an eye to reaching a goal. The unique element that she brings to her work is a total focus on you and your success. She is driven in her efforts to help you reach your absolute maximum potential.

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