Counseling and Coaching

“Allyson’s knowledge & years of expertise along with her warm, caring personality make her the perfect coach! I have worked with her on more than one occasion with excellent results and confidently refer others to her. In addition to her personal coaching she is an asset and excellent coach in the difficult world of family mediation. Allyson always places the child’s best interest first, as it should be, and works toward the best resolution possible.”
– G.M.

“Allyson is amazing. She is knowledgeable, approachable, dynamic, and compassionate. If you need a skilled coach, therapist, parenting coordinator, or trainer, she is the one to see.”
– E.R.

“Allyson is a compassionate professional, with superlative skills. She is a wonderful listener, who provides great insight & assistance. She is easy to talk & work with. I would highly recommend her.”
– S.M.

“Working with Allyson is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful.”
– M.B.

“Allyson, from the start, makes you feel at ease. Her fun friendly personality and the atmosphere which she creates in her office really makes you feel comfortable to speak your mind an open up. She allows you to share your innermost thoughts with no judgement. She can best be described as warm, professional and knowledgeable. Her most noteworthy attribute is her intuitive mind and amazing ability to isolate, focus on and extract different issues that have troubled me. She gives you the time, attention, guidance and strategies you seek when looking for therapy/coaching. She has many years of experience which makes me very comfortable. I trust her completely. Every time I leave her office I feel confident, refreshed and stronger. I highly recommend her for all of the reasons mentioned. She is wonderful!
– B.D.

“From the first moment you walk into Allyson’s office, you immediately feel at ease. Her vibrant and warm personality help you to feel comfortable discussing any topic. She has the ability to hear what you say, process it and give you new ways to look at issues in a non-judgmental way. She has helped every member of my family immensely! I recommend Allyson to anyone without any reservation who is seeking to improve interpersonal relationships with their spouse and children.Working with Allyson has been amazing! My relationships with my children have improved since we started working with Allyson. She has met with me and my children in individual and group settings. She carefully and empathetically listens to what I and my children are saying, and is able to give us different ways to look at situations. Sometimes when I feel upset or overwhelmed, I think about the advice Allyson has given me and it helps me to bring things back into perspective.”
– K.L.

Parenting Coordination Training

As a practicing family law attorney Court Appointed Family GAL for many years, I came to parent coordination training thinking I’d get a few pointers, as I was already an active parent coordinator. I left knowing that this course is a MUST for any attorney even thinking about accepting a parent coordination appointment! It was the most engaging and informative CLE I’ve attended in years. I learned not only how to be an effective parent coordinator, but just as important, how to avoid the pitfalls that could jeopardize my law license. This for every family law attorney, whether you want to be a parent coordinator or just work with them. Lots of great guest speakers, including the judiciary, prominent attorneys and published psychologists. Bravo Allyson!
– Kelley Joseph, Esquire

“The Parenting Coordination Training with Allyson Tomchin was extraordinary. Her interactive teaching style, knowledge, humor and practical tools made the training informative, useful and motivating. We really learned as we laughed, at times making dry content more memorable. Thanks for the great experience and ongoing support.”
– Karen D. Sacks M.S., L.C.P.C., L.M.H.C. Counselor
Family Mediator & Parenting Coordinator

“Informative and energetic presenters.”
“Presenters engaging and informative.”
“Made time for questions, good pace, kept interest up.”
“Role plays are very comfortable and extremely helpful”
– Debbie Sedaka, M.S.
Family Court Specialist, 11th Judicial System
Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator

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