Mediation is child focused and solution focused

Mediation is a problem solving process in which a neutral and impartial third person acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute. It is an informal and non-adversarial process intended to help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement where nobody wins but everyone walks out with an acceptable plan.


Problem solving


    Needs & interests of participants
    Procedural flexibility


    Liabilities & Assets
    Child Support
    Developing a Parenting Plan


    In Family Mediation Allyson co-mediates with her husband Rand Lieber who is a Family Law Attorney.  They bring the best of both worlds to mediation and have almost 50 years of combined experience in their fields.  Allyson focuses on the children’s issues and Rand focuses on the legal and financial issues. They work with couples to create a Marital Settlement Agreement and a Parenting Plan that is fair and equitable during the difficult process of divorce.  Both Allyson and Rand believe that the clients are better served when they make joint decisions as opposed to having the courts determine their future. They wholly believe in respecting a client’s Right to Self Determination.

    For additional information on Rand Lieber please visit Splitsville

    Why do you work as a team?

    As co-mediators we believe our clients get the best of both worlds. A psychotherapist assists with all child related issues and a family attorney assists with all of the financial and legal issues. We believe in a team approach where our clients have access to the dynamics and concepts of mental health and family law.

    What do we do in a mediation?
    Think PEACE, we need to resolve all of the following issues:
    P – Parenting Plan
    E – Equitable Distribution (assets and liabilities)
    A – Alimony
    C – Child Support
    E – Everything Else
    If we are not married do we need any paperwork?
    Yes, you need a Parenting Plan and Child Support Guidelines. If you are not married it is considered a Paternity Case.
    How long is a mediation?

    The time varies depending on the issues that are brought by the clients and the level of agreement.  If we do not finish we can schedule for another day.

    Do we need an attorney to mediate?
    That is completely your choice. It is your mediation. We mediate for clients who are represented by counsel and clients who are not represented by counsel. We recommend that you have an attorney review any documents prior to signing. Please note that neither of us will provide legal advice during the mediation. We serve only as mediators.
    Is mediation confidential?
    Do we mediate together in one room?
    During the mediation we may all meet together in one room and/or we may meet separately and the mediators will go back and forth.
    What documents do we need to bring to the mediation?
    You will need to fill out a Financial Affidavit prior to mediation. This will include proof of income, pay stubs, most recent tax return, W2,and a statement of assets and liabilities.
    How much does mediation cost?
    A deposit of 2 hours is due one week prior to mediation to reserve your appointment. If the mediation is cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled mediation you will receive your deposit in full. If the mediation is cancelled within 72 hours you will not receive your deposit.

    Payment is due at the conclusion of mediation regardless of the outcome.

    Please contact the office for current rates.

    ***First responders, teachers, nurses, and military/veterans receive a discount on the hourly rate.

    Do you take credit cards?
    What happens after mediation?
    We will draw up any agreements or partial agreements for the Parenting Plan and/or Marital Settlement Agreement prior to the end of the mediation.
    You will have the option to have an attorney REVIEW your agreement before signing any agreement in mediation.

    Once your paperwork is signed we will discuss with you the next step for filing your paperwork.

    Where do we go for the mediation?
    Our office is located at 2455 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood Fl 33020
    How do we get started?
    Call Allyson to set up a 15 minute consultation. She can be reached at 954.925.9071 or

    Parenting Plan Development

    If you are divorcing or separating from your partner and you have children you will be required to do a Parenting Plan. The Parenting Plan is the document that outlines how you will co-parent after the divorce/separation. It includes but is not limited to Parental Responsibility, Time Sharing, Holidays, Communication, Travel, Caretakers and Extra-curricular activities.

    This is a process where I mediate the components of your Parenting Plan. This is a package where we meet for two 4 hour blocks of time and create your Parenting Plan and then there are two additional hours for me to draft the Parenting Plan.

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